Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Email Companies to Receive Product Coupons

Each week I email a few of my favorite brands and compliment them on the products I use (or give criticism, depends on my experience with them).

They, in turn, will generally send out an email response (so use a real email address - I suggest you get a separate email account such as yahoo or gmail to reduce the amount of spam in your main account). Also, in most cases, they will send you product coupons for FREE items or a stack of cents-off coupons. It's easy, free & allows you to reduce your grocery bill on items you truly love.

Here is a picture of what I have received this weekend in the mail:

Any particular items that you'd like to receive coupons for and don't know how to contact the company? I just google the manufacturer and find the answers but if you're looking for something and would like some help, just leave me a comment below.

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