Thursday, October 14, 2010

Holiday Jumpstart - Start Those Christmas Cards Today

Every year I try to get my Christmas cards done before Thanksgiving. It's usually not accomplished. I try. really. hard. But it just gets away from me every time.
I love sending snail mail cards and a personalized message to family members and friends. Most of our family lives in Pennsylvania and during the Christmas season it's hard to be so far away. I know they appreciate the time I take to write out my cards but they really love seeing our pictures.....

For this reason, personalized cards & photo cards are my go-to items.
Here are some great ideas for your own personalized holiday cards:

1. Include a family photo. I cannot tell you how many cards I receive from distant relatives that do not send photos. I really wish they did. I have not seen some of them in years and would love to see what their kids look like or how they have grown up. I even have family members who I have not seen since our wedding in 1999. Wish I could remember those faces.....

2. Personalize those cards with your handwriting. Nothing says "hey I am just sending this card to you because I have to like a pre-printed, business-like Christmas card. While I don't see many of those anymore, I know they exist. It's just too easy to not write anything in a card. I've even received some blank cards in the mail LOL. Thank goodness for cute return address labels, right?
3. Get some cool shots for your Christmas cards throughout the year. Christmas cards do not have to have pictures of everyone in front of the tree. You can send everyone a shot from your trip to the beach this past summer and that's ok. Sending Christmas cards after your tree is up is way too late in my opinion!

4. Don't worry if the perfect shot isn't achieved! I used to stress over the way my little one looked in her photos each year. It doesn't matter. Really. Everyone will see how cute she is no matter what pose she has or face she is making. Do something silly & your photo will be remembered :)

5. Take your own photos. I remember our daughter's first Christmas. I had all the pressures on a new mom which included getting a fancy photo done at the local photo boutique. That fancy photo package came with all the trimmings - including the credit card statement after Christmas. It was so overpriced. I found that my own photos were more fun to take and way less expensive. I may not be a professional photographer but I am not bad either. Each year the shots get better.

You can also visit for an amazing assortment of Holiday cards just waiting for you to personalize them.

It is so easy to upload your photos, design a beautiful card and have this item checked off your Holiday checklist immediately.

Here are a few of their personalized, Holiday cards that I'm considering....

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