Saturday, May 1, 2010

Square Foot Garden Update.....check out my new garden beds

I was {so} excited to start this project this weekend I could barely sleep last night - silly huh?

My husband worked very hard putting together our new Amish Red Cedar 4x4 raised garden beds from

We spent yesterday getting all the compost {we found shrimp/seaweed compost & cow manure based}, vermiculite {took some research to find this in Connecticut - we got it at Agway} & peat moss that we needed for the Mel's Mix that recommends. WOW is that stuff heavy {that's what my husband says lol I can't pick any of it up}.

He mixed it all together on a huge tarp and then put it into the boxes and my planters.

Then the grid goes on top to show the marks for each square foot. These were easy to install as well. We feel like we made a good investment since our last box was 4x8 and made by my dear hubby and it just overgrew and went crazy and I never took care of it. It just wasn't any fun :(

These new boxes are awesome and easy to reach into each square {that's why it's recommended that each box is no deeper than 4 feet so you can reach everything easily}.

I am off to work on the seeds now and make my layouts....more updates later!

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